Beyond Conventional Marketing: A Marketing Leaders Guide to Digital Consumer Experiences
How To Evolve With Your Consumer with Kate James, Coca-Cola's Senior Manager, Digital Commerce Marketing
September 27, 2022
In this 11th episode of Beyond Conventional Marketing, Anushka and Kate discuss how today’s consumers shop, why you should adapt your marketing to present trends, the evolution of digital marketing, and the three questions every marketer should answer.
Which company comes to your mind first when you think of outstanding consumer marketing? We bet there is a great chance your answer is Coca-Cola. Even if not, we have to admit that marketing is one of the elements they have truly mastered. Their team does an impressive job of appealing to people's emotions and interests and keeping up with the latest trends.

But how do they do that? To find out, we invited one of Coca-Cola's marketing champions.

Kate James, Senior Manager of Digital Commerce Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company. Kate considers herself a digitally native storyteller. Today, she talks about what makes Coca-Cola's digital marketing initiatives stand out and how the company evolves with the consumer.

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