Beyond Conventional Marketing: A Marketing Leaders Guide to Digital Consumer Experiences
Experiential Marketing in the Digital Era w/ Angelic Vendette, CMO at Alo Yoga
October 25, 2022
In this 13th episode of Beyond Conventional Marketing, Anushka and Angelic discuss why combining experiential and digital marketing become so powerful. Experiential marketing and the importance of a strong community.
Attention might be one of the most scarce resources nowadays. All brands fiercely compete to get people's attention and ensure they have the best experiences possible. That is the idea of experiential marketing; it aims to provide an exciting and unforgettable experience to your customers.

But experiential marketing is considered to work most effectively in off-line environments. Is there any way to ensure the same experience in the digital world? Angelic Vendette, the Chief Marketing Officer at Alo Yoga, has some strong arguments for a positive answer.

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