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The Five Pillars of Digital Transformation w/ Johnny Russo, Chief Digital Officer at Lamour and MLG Brands
January 26, 2023
In this episode of Beyond Conventional Marketing, Anushka Lokesh is joined by Johnny Russo, Chief Digital Officer at Lamour and MLG Brands. They discuss the five pillars of digital transformation, the new age of leadership, and the importance of prioritizing your goals.
When it comes to business success, digital transformation should be a top priority, no matter the industry. The challenging part is understanding how to set up a proper digital transformation strategy and its key components. Johnny Russo, Chief Digital Officer at Lamour and MLG Brands, joins the latest episode of Beyond Conventional Marketing to teach us just that.

In this episode, we discuss:




Digital Transformation Pillars

Digital transformation is complex and you have to consider multiple stakeholders, the support side, the process side, and the team side. Throughout his career, Johnny has used a personal framework to drive digital transformation based on five core pillars. These are education, partners, data and change management, culture, and people. 

On the education side, ensure you create a continuous learning environment and share learnings across the team. On the partner side, engage with all your partners and build a win-win scenario. Data helps you drive change management more efficiently. Regarding culture, nurture a culture of curiosity, enthusiasm, positivity, and collaboration. The last pillar is about having the right people in the right positions.

“Digital transformation is aided by a great technology stack, but you need the people and processes for it to come to life”

Aligning People Toward the Same Goal

Working in a multi team environment is challenging, and you have to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to business goals. It all comes down to prioritization, tracking, and actioning those goals. You should also set up yearly goals and break them down monthly, weekly, and daily.

“The difference between a good goal set and a great one is action and prioritization”

Mastering Mindful Leadership

In his book, Mastering Mindful Leadership: 105 Ways to Become the Leader Your Employees Need You to Be, Johnny describes 105 nuggets of wisdom for any leader aiming to achieve short-term and long-term success. Johnny is on a mission to inspire the new generation of leaders, no matter their roles.

“I hope this book is about a new wave of leadership that examines what it takes to manage a team of individuals to get them to buy into a team concept, inspire them, motivate them, get them to care, and do it with respect and a smile on your face”

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