Beyond Conventional Marketing: A Marketing Leaders Guide to Digital Consumer Experiences
Pivoting the Marketing Strategy of a 50-Year-Old Fire-Fuels Company
September 8, 2021
In this inaugural episode of Beyond Conventional Marketing, we discuss the importance of building data-driven brands, the data journey, finding the right partners, and overcoming internal resistance, Daniel’s approach to manage change alongside management, and the need to meet the customer anywhere they are.
After you’ve been creating excellent content for a while, you start to wonder who’s watching it.

To understand your consumers, you have to rely on data; to build consumers’ trust, you have to treat their data with the safety and respect that you want your data to be given.

We interview Daniel Moznett , Director of Marketing at Duraflame, Inc, about how he led a 50-year-old, privately owned family company into the era of data-driven marketing and personalization. 

(“It was a piece of cake,” Daniel quipped.)

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