Beyond Conventional Marketing: A Marketing Leaders Guide to Digital Consumer Experiences
How Direct Customer Feedback Levels Up Your Product and Customer Experience w/ David Cost, Vice President of Ecommerce and Marketing at Rainbow Apparel Co
December 8, 2022
In this 15th episode of Beyond Conventional Marketing, Anushka and David discuss why the best marketers thrive when they have to wear multiple hats, dealing with the attribution challenge, and personalizing customer experience through post-purchase surveys.
Every marketer searches for a winning formula for getting more customers and driving business growth. Some experiment with various advertising tools and formats, while others try to guess what would grab their customer's attention.

But have you ever tried asking your customers directly? As David Cost, the Vice President of E-commerce and Marketing at Rainbow Apparel Co, says, "Customers want to give you feedback when you make it easy, and that data is super valuable." Let's see how that works.

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