Beyond Conventional Marketing: A Marketing Leaders Guide to Digital Consumer Experiences
Testing & Experimenting in Your Digital Marketing Strategy
November 2, 2021
In this 3rd episode of Beyond Conventional Marketing, Anushka and John discuss the success of their influencer program, three years in, the need to move super fast in digital marketing, IBD’s newest digital initiative, Moneyworks, and why John will test anything, even crazy things.
When your marketing has been 90% digital for the last six or seven years, you’ll test just about anything.

The key to achieving a state of continual optimization is fostering the spirit of testing and introducing new ideas. True, not every idea will be groundbreaking, but this process provides an opportunity to inspire innovation and creative problem-solving.

John Becker, CMO at Investor’s Business Daily (IBD), was interviewed about his marketing initiatives, influencers, and willingness to test and experiment.

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